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Paterson Burn Excellence in Art exhibition at Creative Waikato

The Excellence in Art Competition sponsored by Paterson Burn is a yearly competition for Year 12 and 13 students from the Waikato, Coromandel and Central Auckland Suburbs. All participating students are challenged to create a painting or mixed media artwork which they believe captures the essence of a theme, which this year was: "An Eye to the Future".

This years competition drew a record turnout with 73 artworks being submitted. My cousin Narelle Waite (who organizes the competition), asked me to take some photos of the artwork in their display space at Creative Waikato for their newsletter and facebook pages. Most of the artworks produced are up for Auction with proceeds going to Diabetes NZ Waikato for the third year. The Artworks and auctions can be viewed here: www.patersonburn.co.nz/artwork. The auctions closed on the 3rd of May.

So! On to the photos. The lighting was pretty tough having to knock the ISO up to 1600 and 3200 on occasion. Thankfully the X-T1 is one of the better crop sensored bodies out there for higher ISO performance. Had to rope my cousin and a couple of Staff there to "inspect" the artworks for a few shots to add a people element to a few shots.

I wouldn't mind getting in again and popping a flash off with a nice grid on it to make some more dramatic images for a bit of experimentation. Something I might try at home anyway :)

Jarred Wilson