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Hamilton Municipal Pools

Sometimes you just have to ask.

A couple of years ago I fired off an email to the Hamilton City Council requesting access to the closed Municipal Pools site to take a few pics for my old blog. I naturally assumed it'd be denied or flat out ignored, but to my surprise they granted me an hour to shoot as long as I was supervised by someone from the HCC while I was there. I was stoked to be able to grab the rare chance to photograph something not many people have access to.

Originally built in 1912, they were initially dubbed the "Coronation Baths" and feature the oldest in-ground pool in the country. Lobby group Sink or Swim unsuccessfully attempted to get the council to fund the required repairs to return them to a state where they could be used again. About 2 months after I took these photos the HCC made the decision to not put any money in to refurbish the site which remains as it is today, abandoned and occasionally used for parties by some of Hamiltons Homeless population.

So! pics below. Enjoy!

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