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A quick blog to start 2019!

Hey everyone. Its been a while since I’ve done the blog thing. But it’s the beginning of what i’m hoping to be a big year here at JT Wilson Photoworks.

First up: Prints!

Selling prints is something I really enjoy. The thought of my work hanging in peoples homes to be enjoyed makes me feel pretty stoked about this as a hobby and potential full time career. All images you see me post in the Galleries or on Facebook and in most cases Instagram are available to be purchased as prints in most formats, be it Canvas, Metal or on paper. I am working on a way to make it so they can be purchased directly through my website, but for the meantime, feel free to contact me on contact@jarredwilsonpgotography.com or message me via Facebook.

Second: Patreon!

I intend on using Patreon to help push this a bit further this year, i’ll be providing rewards for different tiers of support and appreciate every single $1 more than you would know! Keep an eye out as new tiers get added in the coming future along with some pretty cool little rewards :) But even at the basic level you get access to the entire feed of information i’ll be posting this year including tutorials on how I do things, my editing processes, how to use your camera etc etc.

Current tiers include:

$1/Month Support

Support at this level is a simple "Hey Jarred, I like what you're doing - keep it up!" For your support, you get access to my patron only feed. That means you can: 

  • Join in on any discussion. 

  • Read/View any reviews I do.

  • Read/View any tutorials I put up.

Not bad for a buck :)

$4/Month Support

Not even a cup of coffee! Support at this tier gets you access to the JT Wilson Photoworks dropbox folder. Once a month I'll drop a watermarked FULL RES image into this folder for you to copy and print to your hearts content. That means you can grab a deal on a canvas, or get it printed on metal or paper whenever you like and as many times as you like!

$10/Month Support

Contribute to this tier and You can take any photo you've seen me post and i'll print it on a 500x400 Canvas (or equivalent depending on the photo and whether it'll suit this size) and send it out to you with a personal thanks on the back. I will do this every year you contribute :)

I have a few more tiers in the works, but are not ready to be announced yet. One at $6/Month and potentially some at over $10/Month for some premium rewards like the Canvas print. By supporting me there you will get direct access to me in order to get the answers to your specific questions about your gear or what to shoot. If this sounds like a bit of you, please have a look at JT Wilson Photoworks on Patreon :)

Thirdly: Projects!

I have a few projects in mind, one for a photobook which will involve some much needed support via the aforementioned Patreon, but I also want to embark on some photo projects this year to push my creativity forward. Portrait photography is something I really want to add to my repertoire in a big way and would like to start talking with people to shoot some portraits with, initially as freebies, but as I get this sort of stuff better locked down a s a skillset it’ll become a service I offer :)

Thanks for reading!

Jarred Wilson