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We need to talk about Instagram #theunsungshooters


I spoke about them in my last post. A little over 6 months ago I started an Instagram account called theunsungshooters. It’s aim; to feature kiwi photographers without massive followings to help get them noticed. This was born out of frustration with some (and I mean only SOME), feature accounts out there taking advantage of that dirty A word… Algorithm. Now before I start - to be clear, I’m not calling out those accounts or the people that run them for this. I’m not trying to start any beefs, it’s just Instagram everyone calm the fuck down 😬

Okay here we go.

You see, one surefire way to maintain your presence in some of the algorithms is to make sure that you’re tagged a lot in photos. What’s a good way to do that? Start a feature account! Then make sure that you’re tagged in that accounts profile, and you tag yourself in every image you “feature” as the person who chose it to be featured.. Then, while you’re at it, make sure that a good proportion of images you’re sharing are from members of your Instagram “pod”. (Don’t get me started on those). That’s right, it’s not entirely about the people the feature accounts are sharing, it’s about the people running those accounts getting more visibility of their own.

But lets be frank, my issue isn’t with these people running feature accounts in this way, not really. It’s with that effing algorithm being manipulated so easily and making it harder for smaller accounts to be noticed.

Thats why I started theunsungshooters. I wanted to share the work of the smaller accounts that I felt were going under the radar. That’s also why I have kept it relatively anonymous and won’t be tagging myself in any captions or profiles other than my own.

So yeah, if you want to support smaller accounts getting noticed, go have a look at theunsungshooters and give the featured photographers a follow. If you want to be featured, use the hashtag and I’ll do my best to feature at least one of your shots :)

Also, if you’re interested in joining the unsungshooters team and you’re looking to help lesser known photographers doing good work then slide into my DMs on Insta via theunsungshooters account :)

Edit 29 August 2019

Due to a lack of interest of people willing to help out, theunsungshooters has been disabled for the time being. I may return to this project again at some point, but for now I’ll be putting more time into my own work - thanks for understanding!!

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