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Project InSitu: AJ Prime - Prime Artisan Knives


AJ at Prime Artisan Knives specialises in hand forged knives. This process involves taking a piece (or pieces) of high carbon steel, heating them up and beating them to shape with a hammer. AJ puts a lot of pride and time into each piece ensuring nothing leaves his workshop unless he’s 100% happy with the final product.


#fuckyourgoodenough is a hashtag AJ uses a lot. Often misinterpreted as a self affirming motto (and missing a “you‘re” instead of your), it’s more aimed at not accepting “Good Enough” when it comes to his work, it’s not done when it’s good enough. It’s done when it’s done. I was torn between a couple of shots in this spot, both are equally good, especially in B&W. I chose this one in colour because I just like the tones :)


It’s all in the details. Hand sanding blades is a time consuming and tedious process in order to end with the desired finish. Among Knifemakers it’s seen as a necessary evil to produce quality work, adding hours to the finished product. Want to test your resolve and staying power? Hand sand hardened steel up to 800grit!! As usual, the time and effort is worth it to produce a truly hand made item, and is something AJ prides himself on.


Monkey see, monkey do. AJ and Ems youngest son, Jagger having a turn on a small anvil made from a piece of railway track. AJ made this a couple of years ago for their eldest, Ziggy. Kids just like to be involved!


Parting shot, The Anvil. If anything was the symbol of a blacksmith/bladesmith that wasn’t a hammer, it’d be this. AJs is a 118kg/260lb Peter Wright made in the late 19th/early 20th century. I thought this would be a good final shot to bookend the set for the week. If you haven’t already, head on over to AJs facebook page; Prime Artisan Knives and Instagram and check out his work.

BONUS IMAGES. Have two extra shots that I didn’t share on social. First one is AJ swinging a hammer on some hot steel. The second is the black and white version of the shot I mentioned above said looked equally good in B&W as it did in colour. Don’t forget to head over to Facebook to get more frequent updates, along with the @Project InSitu Official Instragram page. Of course you can also check out my normal Instagram page over at http and don’t forget to have a look at Patreon to see if you’d like to support this project!

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