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Abandoned Laboratory

There's something eerie about abandoned places. About 2 and a half years ago I started a new job at a Laboratory in it's infancy. Now that I am about to finish up at that job it's a good time to dredge this post up off my old site.

 My first week we started to move instruments into their new homes in a still occupied building - another company was in the process of moving their operation out over my first 6 months on the job. When they finally left, we had a largely abandoned building - only a small percentage of which we were using for our business.
I spent a bit of my spare time wandering through the place, poking at what was left behind, and admittedly looting some of the shelves, cupboards and some random glassware to be re-purposed into my own Lab.

After a while I realized there were some potentially cool images available to me while the place was still abandoned. So I brought my old Fuji X-T1 with me to work one day and had a bit of a wander through:

Old Lightswtich

Some very old PDL switches in the building

Lab Signage


Empty Chemical Cabinets

Old Chemical storage cabinets

Abandoned Bunsen Burner

A Lonely Bunsen burner.


This doesn't seem like a sanitary place to wash my hands...


I still refer to this as the E. bola cabinet


You what?


I wonder who their leader is. Also COMIC SAAAAAAAANS!!

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