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Lab Shoot

I was asked by the boss at work to get a few shots for a newsletter that will be going out to clients and some detail shots for future use. So I tried my best to treat this as paid work and get the shots he asked for:

1: A shot of Chris in the Spot Test lab (Chris is the first point of contact for a lot of our clients)

2: Some action/detail shots in the Prep Lab

3: Some detail shots in the Chemistry Labs

The shot of Chris in the Spot Test lab was tricky as it was fairly cramped for space and had pretty boring light. Its a fairly average shot but it'll do for what the boss needs for his newsletter. I made sure to get a semi action shot of some chemical being sprayed for the spot testing while I was at it.

The Prep Lab is essentially a small woodworking shop with some bandsaws, a tablesaw and a couple of mills. The Bandsaws and Mills are the mainly used bits of equipment so I made sure to grab a couple of shots of those in action.

The Chemistry Lab is where my responsibility as a Technologist lies. I found it easier to grab a few more shots in here.

The Spray Chamber and Torch for our ICP-OES. My initial job at the lab was to develop the first methods we ran on this instrument.

Samples being digested into solution. The brown fumes are from the Nitric Acid

MaryAnne at work in one of the fumehoods

One of the pumps for one of our two uHPLCs

The Autosampler rack for our original uHPLC named "Veteris" - latin for "Old", our second instrument is called "Novus", for "New". Incidentally our ICP-OES is named "Heisenberg". When I successfully argue to get a 2nd one it'll of course be named "Pinkman" or "Cap'n Cook" :D

I actually really liked this type of work, I could see myself doing this more often given the opportunity :)

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